With a goal of one day being the best in the industry, Ma Sheo construction (pty) ltd will concentrate   itsefforts in the fields of the roads, civils, earthworks and mining sectors of the industry. Ma Sheo has a staff  with great experience and knowledge of the sectors above, experience and knowledge that has being gained over the years in the construction industry. Ma Sheo will be glad to assist and add value to any contract no matter how big or small.

  • Roads and civil works.

This will include every aspect of roads and civil construction from clear and grub, cut and fills, layer works, stabilizing, recycling  including all infrastructure development items like sewer, storm water and water reticulations both domestic and bulk lines, concrete culverts, sub surface drainage, concrete lined drains, gabions, guardrails, fencing, kerbing, paving, manholes, head and wing walls etc.
Ma Sheo Construction is masters at road building and is able to handle both large and small civil structures with ease.

  • Earthworks and Mining.

Earthworks and open cast mining go hand to hand as most of the mining operations are related to bulk earthworks operations. All the other mining operations can fall under section 1 above. Ma Sheo construction is proud to have expertise in the open cast mining and bulk earthworks operations. Operations like cut to fill, cut to spoil, topsoil stripping, overburden removal(Drilling, blasting and removal), coal mining (open cast incl. drilling and blasting), platform excavations, platform construction etc. are the works that Ma Sheo construction specialises in. Ma Sheo construction is also experienced in earthworks to buildings and structures where the works need to be coordinated in order to accommodate other contractors.

Ma Sheo construction (pty)ltd is well experienced, well trained and very dedicated in whatever it does. We will guarantee a satisfied client every time and that is what Ma Sheo is all about.



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