The creation of an entity that will rival the best in the construction industry is the foundation on which Ma Sheo construction is built on. Focusing its energy on client satisfaction through good workmanship and a quality finish is the key principle of the company.

Founded in early 2011, the company strives to be the best in the construction industry and its core aim will be to concentrate on the roads, civils, earthworks and mining sectors of the construction industry.With a vast experience and knowledge in the above sectors, the company wishes to one day set the standards in the industry for others to follow.

The company envisages a steady and sustainable growth process in becoming the leaders in the industry thus ensuring its aim of client satisfaction time and time again. The theme of good company ethics and sound business principles will give us a niche and may one day set us apart from the rest.


STRENGTH       -       UNITY       -       DIVERSITY       -       DEDICATION

The key stepping stones and driving force behind our bid to be the best is to create a team that will have the strength to carry out our goals, be united as a company at all times, be diverse in whatever we do and be dedicated at all times no matter what the task maybe.

Ma Sheo construction not only boasts a 100% B.E.E owned company but also a well trained and experienced company with employees of great skill and knowledge in the construction industry.


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